About us

The Association of County Chief Executives (ACCE) brings together the Chief Executives of over 30 large English upper tier and unitary authorities. Members of ACCE work to identify common challenges, commission research and share solutions, and discuss key issues with senior Whitehall Civil Servants.

ACCE are supported by, and aligned with, the County Councils Network (CCN). The CCN is a of member-led organisation and the national voice of 37 county and county unitary authorities across England. They are a special interest group (SIG) of the Local Government Association, located in Smith Square, Westminster. CCN provide policy development, communications and public affairs support to ACCE and you can find out more about the CCN here.

For ACCE policy, media or general enquiries contact james.maker2@local.gov.uk.

Our Vision

To ensure ACCE is an influential and respected network, supporting personal and professional development and raising the common challenges faced by county authorities, advocating innovative policy solutions that promote public service excellence in local government and the wider public sector.

Our Aims

To influence the debate on the future public services, drawing on the experience and expertise of our members to ensure that policy and legislation enables County Authorities to have the powers and resources to meet the needs of their residents and aspirations of their local political leaders.

Our Objectives

  • Influence public policy at national level

Act as the voice for Officers in County Councils and Unitary Counties, advocating and representing members’ views across Whitehall and to key influencers, and providing expert advice to the Country Councils Network (CCN).

  • Building collaborative networks

Work in a collaborative and open way with organisations with common interests, such as CCN, the Society of County Treasurers (SCT), Society of Local Authority Chief Executives, Local Government Association (LGA), while building alliances with other local authority representative bodies and public sector stakeholders.

  • Produce original research and innovative policy solutions

Produce or commission original research to support the advocacy of innovative policy solutions and organisational development of county authorities, addressing the unique demographic, financial and geographical issues facing counties and the professional challenges of County Chief Executives.

  • Enhance the profile of ACCE

Raise the profile of ACCE through development of strong, impactful and consistent communications alongside a targeted public affairs strategy to provide Whitehall Officials with specific public service expertise and insights from county authorities.

  • Sharing best practice & professional development

Share intelligence and best practice to support ACCE members and public sector partners to continue to be the most effective and efficient organisations in the public sector. Provide a forum for county chief executives personal and professional development and peer-to-