Advisory Group

The Advisory Group comprises officers from county area local authorities which exists in order to:

  • network, share best practice, information and ideas about the national scene with a particular focus on corporate support activities,
  • influence emerging policy (locally and nationally)
  • support each other and the leadership of ACCE (the Association of County Chief Executives), CCN (the County Council’s Network) and the Society of County Treasurers (SCT)
  • provide development opportunities for ACCE Advisory Group members.

The success of the network depends on all of its members contributing fully to the information exchange and to our business meetings and conferences. Ideas about new ways of working are encouraged and welcomed.

Chairman of the ACCE Advisory Group – Andrew Donaldson (Staffordshire County Council)

Vice Chairman of the ACCE Advisory Group – John Courouble (Oxfordshire County Council)

Secretary/coordinator of the ACCE Advisory Group – Roland Pyle (Devon County Council)

Contact: Roland Pyle (Devon County Council) – or 01392 383000 for more information about ACCE AG.