Policy & Lead Officers

Alongside its vision, aim and objectives, ACCE has recently redefine its priorities for the forthcoming period to focus external advocacy and internal business meetings and seminars. New lead advisors, who act as spokesman for the association on the priorities and lead our work in these areas, are listed below.

For more information, please contact james.maker2@local.gov.uk.

Priorities & Lead Advisors

Priority ACCE Lead Advisors
Sustainable & Fair Funding Local Government Finance – Richard Flinton (North Yorkshire)
Adult Social Care & Health

Health & Social Care – Rachel Shimmin (Buckinghamshire)

Communities and Wellbeing – Nathan Elvery (West Sussex)

Children’s Social Care Children’s Services & Education – John Coughlan (Hampshire)
Housing, Infrastructure & Transport Housing, Planning & Infrastructure – Joanna Killian (Surrey)
Economic Growth & Industrial Strategy Industrial Strategy and Growth – Anthony May (Nottinghamshire)
Transformation, Leadership & Public Service Reform

Devolution & Governance – Kate Kennally (Cornwall)

Leadership & Transformation – Becky Shaw (East Sussex)