Policy & Strategy Group

The Strategy & Policy Group comprises officers from county area local authorities and is organised and supported by the County Councils Network. The group meets on a quarterly basis in Westminster, holding discussions with Senior Civil Servants, policy makers and influencers, think-tanks and national stakeholders.


The group exists in order to:

  • Advise CCN and ACCE on the development of advocacy positions and policy
  • influence emerging policy (locally and nationally)
  • network, share best practice, information and ideas about the national scene with a particular focus on corporate support activities
  • provide development opportunities for group members.

The success of the network depends on all of its members contributing fully to the information exchange and to our business meetings and conferences. Ideas about new ways of working are encouraged and welcomed.


Chairman of the S&P Group – Andrew Donaldson (Staffordshire County Council)

Vice Chairman of the S&P Group Advisory Group – James Maker (Head of Policy & Communications, CCN)

Secretary/coordinator of the S&P Group – James Holden (Senior Policy Officer, CCN) – james.holden or 0207 664 3037 for more information about ACCE or the S&PG.


Below are the mains contact details for the current membership of the Policy & Strategy Group. If your details are not correct or there have been changes within your authority, please contact James Holden at james.holden@local.gov.uk.


Name Organisation Email
Michelle Granat Buckinghamshire County Council sashmead@buckscc.gov.uk
Lynsey Barron Cambridgeshire County Council Kevin.Hoctor@cambridgeshire.gov.uk
Kate Mcfarlane Central Bedfordshire kate.mcfarlane@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk
Simon Edwards County Councils Network simon.edwards@local.gov.uk
James Maker County Councils Network james.maker2@local.gov.uk
James Holden County Councils Network james.holden@local.gov.uk
 Michael Chard County Councils Network  Michael.Chard@local.gov.uk
 Ian Burbidge  County Councils Network  peter.french@local.gov.uk
Jonathon Partridge Central Bedfordshire Council Jonathon.Partridge@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk
Dawn Roberts Cumbria County Council dawn.roberts@cumbria.gov.uk
Helen Blake Cumbria County Council Helen.blake@cumbria.gov.uk
Matthew Barton Cornwall Council Matthew.Barton@cornwall.gov.uk
Steven Ford  Cornwall Council staford@cornwall.gov.uk
Sarah Eaton Derbyshire County Council sarah.eaton@derbyshire.gov.uk
Roland Pyle Devon County Council roland.pyle@devon.gov.uk
Mike Harries Dorset County Council m.j.harries@dorsetcc.gov.uk
Roger Goodes Durham County Council roger.goodes@durham.gov.uk
Heather Orton Durham County Council heather.orton@durham.gov.uk
Gill Barley East Riding of Yorkshire Council gillian.barley@eastriding.gov.uk
Joanna Richardson Hampshire County Council joanna.richardson@hants.gov.uk
Jane Mackney East Sussex County Council jane.mackney@eastsussex.gov.uk
Richard Puleston Essex County Council richard.puleston@essex.gov.uk
 Jane Burns Gloucestershire County Council Jane.burns@gloucestershire.gov.uk
Philippa Mellish
Hampshire County Council Philippa.Mellish@hants.gov.uk
Natalia Silver Herefordshire Council nsilver@herefordshire.gov.uk
Alex James Hertfordshire County Council Alex.James@hertfordshire.gov.uk
David Whittle Kent County Council david.whittle@kent.gov.uk
Liz Sanderson Kent County Council liz.sanderson@kent.gov.uk
Kieran Curran Lancashire County Council Kieran.Curran@lancashire.gov.uk
Simon Lawrence Leicestershire County Council simon.lawrence@leics.gov.uk
Tom Purnell Leicestershire County Council Tom.Purnell@leics.gov.uk
George Spiteri Lincolnshire County Council  george.spiteri@lincolnshire.gov.uk
Richard Wills Lincolnshire County Council richard.wills@lincolnshire.gov.uk
Fiona Mcdiarmid Norfolk County Council fiona.mcdiarmid@norfolk.gov.uk
Neil Irving North Yorkshire neil.irving@northyorks.gov.uk
Luiza Morris-Warren Northamptonshire County Council LMorriswarren@northamptonshire.gov.uk
Gillian Scott Northumberland County Council Gillian.Scott@northumberland.gov.uk
Celia Morris Nottinghamshire County Council celia.morris@nottscc.gov.uk
Alexandra Bailey Oxfordshire County Council alexandra.bailey@oxfordshire.gov.uk
John Courouble Oxfordshire County Council john.courouble@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Maggie Scott Oxfordshire County Council maggie.scott@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Tom Dodds Shropshire tom.dodds@shropshire.gov.uk
Jan Stafford Somerset County Council jastafford@somerset.gov.uk
Martin Young Somerset County Council mjyoung@somerset.gov.uk
 Kieran Smith Staffordshire County Council kieran.smith@staffordshire.gov.uk
Andrew Donaldson Staffordshire County Council andrew.donaldson@staffordshire.gov.uk
Chris Bally Suffolk County Council chris.bally@suffolk.gov.uk
Caroline Davison Suffolk County Council caroline.davison@suffolk.gov.uk
Kevin Lloyd Surrey County Council kevin.lloyd@surreycc.gov.uk
Gereint Stoneman Warwickshire County Council gereintstoneman@warwickshire.gov.uk
Andy Smith West Sussex County Council Andy.smith@westsussex.gov.uk
David Bowater Wiltshire Council David.Bowater@wiltshire.gov.uk
Rob Morris Worcestershire County Council rmorris2@worcestershire.gov.uk
 Neil Border  South East Strategic Leaders  neil@neilborder.wanadoo.co.uk